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WHY Is It Cold in Florida?!

Third stop: Orange Park (Jacksonville), FL

On our way down to Florida we had a lunch break and I ate a sit-down Cook Out y'all. You heard me. A sit. down. COOK OUT. I had missed their shakes so much since college, and I dove into that caramel milkshake like none other. Honestly, their milkshakes are more like ice cream with a hint of milk because those things are thick. If you don't know what Cook Out is, I encourage you to find one and enjoy the experience. It's a lot of food in one tray that's delicious and very filling.

We got four days off so I'm fully back! I drank some great tea, (Ginger Inclusion - adagio teas - shout out to Kerry for the gift at Christmas 🤗🤩) slept a lot, and did some workouts in the gym. In the gym there was this all-in-one machine that was awesome. I did chest presses, lat pull downs, rowing ab exercises, calf raises, the works! It really feels good to work out now. I thought it was going to take a while for me to get back in the groove of things but I guess my body missed working out and was eager to get back in the saddle.

I also did some exploring. We were across the street from a shopping complex so I was able to get food and also entertain myself. I finally got to see what the Publix enthusiasm was about. It's a great grocery store which had everything I was looking for - pretty much what Shoppers is... or was (RIP 😔). And wouldn't you know it, next to that was a Dollar Tree and a Beauty Supply store (!!!!). I redid my hair (it's a whole day affair), did my nails, and got to try some delicious seafood at Rocking Crab with my friend who I hadn't seen in years 😄!

It was also one of the crew members' birthday so we went bowling! I won the first game and then came in second on the second one. This bowling alley had a lot in there. Arcade games, laser tag, pool, and a spacious bar and lounge area to enjoy sports.

The best part of the bowling alley was this:

Socks in the vending machine. I don't know who thought of that, but that is genius!

We had a company dinner at a great place called Black Sheep. I got the Georgia country shrimp and grits (you know seafood is a weakness) and a dirty chai espresso crème brûlée for dessert.

After an eventful four days, it was time to get back to the show.

We performed at the Thrasher Horne Center to a huge audience who were participating from the get-go. It's really cool to see kids who love the Pigeon books get so engrossed in the songs and story we're telling. The theater is huge and really deep so instead of a panoramic house picture I took a stage picture from the perspective of an audience member farther back:

I zoomed in to the max because the stage looks really small - I think the house seats over 1,000+.

I enjoyed myself, but I just have one question: WHY IS IT COLD IN FLORIDA?! On the night we got there it was a beautiful 70 degrees as well as the next morning. Then the rain hit. All of a sudden, there's a chill, and I'm wearing my full winter gear again. WHY was it 40 degrees outside?! It was so cold, the fountain outside the hotel froze. I'm not kidding. Look!

I hope this next city is much warmer, or I'm going to be upset that Florida is letting me down. Next stop, here we come!

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