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Greenville, NC

Second Stop: Greenville, NC

On our way from Charlottesville to Greenville, you know we had to pass by my alma mater, and I will always salute exit 76B... The Virginia Commonwealth University, home of the Rams. (The picture is very blurry because we were driving, but I know you see Belvidere Street)

We performed at the Wright Auditorium on the campus of East Carolina University. It was also our first evening performance! A large number of adults in the audience makes the performance even more fun because they get some of the jokes that kids don't.

The auditorium is huge, and there was even a balcony for more seating.

Because we weren't there for long, there wasn't much that I did outside of going to get some food and shopping for some quick things from the grocery store (there was a strip mall about 0.8 miles away - a 20 minute walk - more like 12-15 for me lol).

I was still feeling a little under the weather, but it's getting better. Thankfully we have a few days off coming up, so I'm going to do everything I can to fully kick it.

We went to the Cracker Barrel next to the hotel, and below are some pics of merchandise they had there. I really wanted some of those mugs lol.

Off to the next stop!

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